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    “The sharpened blades were excellent. Also, very important, I feel that Family Hardware went out of their way to make the whole process very simple and convenient.” ~ Ben – AZ

    Get Sharp Blades in 4 Simple Steps

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    We send you the forms to send us your blades.

    * When sending at least 5 blades.

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    4 – We Ship back,

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    “The quality of the sharpening was great, they almost cut better than when new. I really like the almost like sanded edge ot the board after running thru the blade. We will definitely be using your services in the future” ~Bruce – NY

    Sharpening Carbide Saw Blades for Over 40 Years

    Family Hardware has specialized in the sharpening of carbide tipped saw blades for over 40 years. Every day hundreds of customers around the country rely on us to keep their shops running at peak efficiency.

    Using methods handed down 3 generations, we use a mix of old skill knowledge, with cutting edge machinery to get the job done right. We are constantly investing in new technology and upgrading our existing equipment to deliver the superior quality that will keep your blades running longer and cutting better.

    Our Process

    1 - Receiving Your Blades

    Your blades are received and checked into our system, where you receive an automated email. We then immediately laser etch your name on the front of the blade so that it stays linked to you, from the second we receive it.

    4 - Grinding

    Your blades are top and face ground. We have 2 dedicated top grinding machines, 1 dedicated facing machine and 3 machines that can do both grinds in a single cycle. Once ground, we again visually inspect the blade, as well as checking for any run out.

    Blades are to have 95% of the teeth within .002″ tolerance, and no two teeth can be more than .004″ apart in height.

    2 - Polishing and Cleaning

    All blades are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and wire brushed with a nylon wheel. The ultrasonic bath helps loosen debris and the nylon wire wheel helps clear any surface debris away from the tooth without damaging the tooth like a steel wire wheel brush would.

    5 - Shipping

    Blades are dipped in a wax protective coating prior to shipping back. If you sent your blades in boxes, or a special case, you will receive these back. If not, your blades are shipped in our custom boxes designed for saw blade shipping and are separated by cardboard dividers custom made to fit the profile of our shipping box.

    3 - Measuring and Inspection

    Once cleaned, your blades are measured up and sorted into our work flow for one of our 6 CNC saw grinders. We inspect blades prior to going on our machine. We note significant run out and mark it on the blade so that we can correctly grind your blade into proper shape. Any blade needing tip work or that cannot be ground, are weeded out at this point in the process.

    Our 4 Point Inspection Process

    Tooth Runout – .002" tolerance, no two teeth more than .004"

    Plate Concentricity – .003” tolerance

    Bent/Broken Tips

    Visual Inspection – under Microscope for micro chipping.

    “I tried the blades after receiving them back and they cut Oak wood like butter compared from what they were before sending them in for your resharpening service. It took me awhile before I found someone reliable as yourself to sharpen this set of Dado Blades as am not a type of person that throws things away. There is no doubt that Family Hardware will get any of my future blades that need blade sharpening service from now on. Your service is first rate and the shipping was a selling point for me.” ~Steve – MI

    Mail in Sharpening Rates

    Carbide Saw Blade Sharpening

    Diameter/Tooth CountPrice
    7.25” (0-39 Teeth)$13
    7.25” Diameter (40+ Teeth)$14
    10” Diameter (0-79 Teeth)$17
    10” Diameter (80+ Teeth)$19
    12” Diameter (0-79 Teeth)$20
    12” Diameter (80+ Teeth)$22
    14” Diameter (0-79 Teeth)$27
    14” Diameter (80+ Teeth)$27
    16” Diameter (Any Tooth Count)$35
    18” (Any Tooth Count)$40

    Hole Saw Sharpening

    Diameter/Tooth CountPrice
    Hole Saw Under 2″ $6.75
    Hole Saw 2″ – 3″$8.05
    Hole Saw 3″ – 4″ $8.50
    Hole Saw 4″ – 5″$11.00
    Hole Saw Greater than 5″$14.00

    Drill Bit Sharpening

    Diameter/Tooth CountPrice
    Annular Cutter Under 2″$18.00
    Annular Cutter Under 2″ – Carbide$19.99
    Annular Cutter Over 2″$21.99
    Annular Cutter Over 2″ – Carbide$24.99
    Boring Bit$10.00
    Bradpoint Bit$5.29
    Bradpoint Bit – Carbide$8.00
    Masonry Bit to 1″$9.75
    Drill Bit under 1/2″$2.75
    Drill Bit over 1/2″$5.00
    End Mill$18.00
    Forstner to 1.5″$9.50
    Spade Bit$3.29
    Spur Bit less than 2″$9.00
    Spur Bit 2″ – 2.5″$10.00
    Step Bit$7.99

    Saw Blade Repair

    Diameter/Tooth CountPrice
    Replace Tips (each)$5.75
    Replace Broken Post (each)$20

    Dado Sets

    Diameter/Tooth CountPrice
    Set with up to 5 Chippers$50
    Additional Chippers$2.50 each
    *Dado Sets count as 1 Blade for Free Shipping
    *We only sharpen carbide dado sets. We do not have the ability to sharpen HSS dado stacks

    Cold Cut / HSS Blades

    Diameter/Tooth CountPrice
    10” Diameter$15
    12” Diameter$18
    14” Diameter$20

    Specialty Sharpening

    Diameter/Tooth CountPrice
    Stump GrindersContact for Price
    Prop Cutters $50 per cutter

    Router Bit Sharpening

    Diameter/Tooth CountPrice
    20mm Bit$12.00
    35mm Bit$15.00
    Carbide 1 Flute$7.50
    Carbide 2 Flute$10.49
    Carbide 2 Flute Large$15.00
    Carbide 3 Flute Large$18.25
    Carbide 4 Flute Large$22.00
    Carbide 6 Flute Large$30.00
    Slot Cutter – All Wing$13.00
    “Want to thank you guys for such excellent service, from the timely turn around, free shipping, reasonable pricing and the great quality of cuts coming from the blades. I will definitely use your service again and pass your information along to anyone needing some blade sharpening.” ~Mike Z – NV

    We Now Sharpen Cold Saw Blades

    No matter the brand, size, configuration or tooth count, we can sharpen and repair all cold saw blades. Using the latest technology we can keep your blades running, saving you time from having to purchase new.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does free shipping work?
    Very simple! If you send in 5 blades or more, we will give you free shipping both ways! Request a prepaid UPS Shipping label and ship in your blades to us, and we will send them back for free.
    What is the best way to send my blades in?

    Want to ship blades yourself? The best way to send us your blades we have found is using Priority Flat Rate boxes. 12″ Blades will easily fit into a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box-2. If you need slightly bigger, go with the Large Flat Rate box. The boxes are free at any post office, and you they cost $12.40 and $17.05 respectively and you can ship up to 70lbs! Do not forget to back cardboard between your blades to avoid damaging any teeth in shipment. If you chose to send in the blades yourself, we currently do not credit back any shipping amounts. Free Shipping only qualifies when using our UPS label. 

    Don’t forget to download our Order Form before sending in blades.

    What equipment do you use to sharpen our blades?

    Here are a couple of the machines that go into keeping your blades as sharp as can be.

    I don’t want to request a label, what do I do?

    Not a problem, if you wish to send in your blades on your own. Simply download our form and send them in! Please remember, Free Shipping only applies when using our UPS Label. 

    Can I request a prepaid label when I ship less than 5 blades?
    Yes! You absolutely can. We will send you our prepaid label. We charge a flat rate of $15 each way. So the round trip cost would be $30.
    Can I combine my shipment with someone else?
    Absolutely! If you only have a couple blades to send, and have a friend in the same boat, by all means send them in same box. As long as you get 5 blades, you will qualify for the free shipping. If you wish to be charged separately, please remember to send in two separate order forms.

    Request An Order Form

      Request Your Order Form

      What Happens Next?

      - 1 -

      After completing the form, we will send you our sharpening order form and a UPS prepaid label, if you wish to download our form directly and send in blades yourself, you may do so by clicking here.

      - 2 -

      Once we receive your blades, we will check them in and begin our sharpening process. Depending on our workload, expect it to take 3 -4 business days for us to process, although most of the time we process in 1 – 2 business days.

      - 3 -

      We will use the payment form you designated on the order form to charge for the order. If you would like us to call for a credit card, or call us before to get a total and send a check with your blades, you may do so as well.

      - 4 -

      Lastly we will ship your blades back to you for you to enjoy!